Improving communication to bridge perception gaps and enhance healthy industrial relations, create powerful leaders at every level, boost productivity and promote sustainable development.

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Change, Productivity and Communication

Humans are social animals and communication is the glue that binds their social fabric. The quality of communication decides how much a community or a society will evolve and prosper. If the general tone and tenor of conversations in a society are leaning in the direction of positivity then it can be safely assumed that it’s on the path of growth and progress. However, if the collective conversations within a society are marred my negativity the opposite would be true.

Most of the communication in our society, organisations and companies are based on perceptions. We by habit and training gravitate towards anecdotal information and analogical deductive thinking.

However, this easy path of processing information and communicating with the others, leads to long term difficulty in creating meaningful dialogue and relationships.


objectives and deliverables

Communication Audit

A thorough intra-team and inter-team discussion to assess the behavioural abilities of the team leaders and department heads to identify communication gaps leading to operational breakdown or slowdown.

Communication Clearing House

A structured communication initiative to confront the persisting complaints and silent resentments brewing within the teams and across the departments in order to bridge the communication gap.

Communication Free Flow

Develop a new communication protocol that would ease the flow of information, decrease unnecessary communication chatter and act as a basis for speedy resolution of differing perceptions.

our vision and mission


To unlock the creativity within an institution, company or an organisation to turn managers into leaders and workers into self driven co-creators with an aim to achieve higher productivity and attains better workplace relationships.


Employing open communication strategies to bridge communication gaps between departments and teams to improve coordination and productivity and train senior and middle managers to become inspiring team leaders.


Communication for Productivity

Present Scenario: An organisation is a network of communications. The quality of communication decides how far and how long the organisation will grow and prosper. Today in a world of globalised trade, disruptive technologies and shrinking resource base it’s important to have a workforce that acts as a cohesive unit, quickly adapts to change and is primed to ride the twin challenges of sustainability and disruptive technologies of Industrial Revolution 4.0.


Managers to Leaders

A workshop for middle and senior managers

Introduction: Managers, at the middle level in any organisation, constitute the critical group that provides leadership to execute their company’s ideas, goals, programmes, and production lines. They play a key role in the company’s knowledge generation and can nurture and unlock the creativity stored at the bottom of the pyramid. They are also the drivers of their team’s morale.


Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Business

Introduction: The 21st century business landscape would be dominated by the threats posed by Climate Change and the opportunities presented by sustainable development. Between these two coordinates a new business paradigm would evolve that will be able to achieve economic well being while maintaining environmental integrity.

However, to embark on this new journey there is a need to sensitize the young crop of business professionals about the phenomenon of.......


Sun Tzu on Tuk Tuk


It was 10 pm. Peter Trot was sitting in his second floor home in a posh locality in Delhi. Two months ago he was asked by his boss in London if he was open to working in an emerging economy country.....

International Climate Change Negotiations


If you were born within the span of the last 40 years, chances are that you must have heard terms like pollution, environment conservation, ozone depletion and climate change for the Nth time .....

A Leader Called the Arab Spring


A Leader Called the Arab Spring: Lessons for 21st-Century Leadership - On December 18, 2010 a protest erupted on the streets of Tunisia which quickly turned into a people’s movement. The move.....

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Keshav Chaturvedi


Keshav Chaturvedi is a communications professional with 26 years of experience. He has a vast experience of working in media, social sector and also with the government. During his career he has led teams, managed tight deadlines, witnessed industrial unrest, labour-management showdowns, company shutdowns, rise and fall of sectors, creation and disappearance of vocations and jobs. He has witnessed many professions fading into oblivion and many more emerging out of thin air.

In all of it, the running theme was communication or the lack of it. Open communication rooted in integrity could have saved many companies from ruin. Focussed, clear and constructive communication could have prepared various groups to face change and would have offered them to robustly deal with it. Yet many companies, groups of professionals and societies indulged in cross communication leading to working at cross purpose. They lost precious time and dragged their feet with disastrous consequences.

This led him to study communication in professional set-up, its weaknesses and vulnerabilities, the threat it poses to the workforce, the opportunities it presents to improve it and the potential benefits if the communication is improved and strengthened.

In his long career apart from specialising in communications, Keshav has studied subjects like leadership, climate change and sustainable development. He has written a book on Climate Change Negotiations and was the content head of a renewable energy magazine, Energy Next. He has appeared on Lok Sabha TV to talk about the concepts of sustainable development and climate change. He also runs a blog that discusses various aspects of sustainable development.

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